Best Heliskiing Spots in British Columbia

heli skiingCanada is the most preferred heliskiing destination of the world and over 95% of it is happens in British Columbia, Canada’s most western province. There is no doubt about the fact that BC has some of the best heliskiing spots in the world; as plenty of snowfall, rugged terrain and high mountains are all ingredients to create the ideal heliskiing locations.

Heliskiing started in British Columbia four decades ago and has grown by leaps and bounds since then.  Some of the world’s highest mountains and deeply packed powder snow make BC the most preferred heliskiing destination, by skiing enthusiasts from all over the world.

Almost all the territory of BC is a skiing haven but some places are superior to others. Listed below are a sampling of the best heli skiing locations of BC.

The Kootenays

Heliskiing in British Columbia started in the Kootenays Rockies region. The Kootenays are dominated by high mountain ranges and towering peaks which are world renowned for their deepest champagne snow. The area receives approximately 30- 60 ft of snowfall annually which makes it a Heliskiing paradise. Skiers are attracted to the deep alpine bowls, old forest growths and thick virgin powder. The deep powder snow is so soft that it is often called cold smoke and this is why Heliskiing here is incomparable. 

Nelson, Rossland, Revelstoke, Meadow Creek, Nakusp, Golden, Panorama etc are amongst the many places where you can heliski in the Kootenays. 

The Interior Mountain Ranges

The Interior Mountain ranges include the Columbia Mountains, Selkirk Mountains, Monashee Mountains and the Purcell Mountains. This entire area is an inland rain forest and as a result it gets a lot of snow, making it ideal for heliskiing adventures. The Interior Mountain ranges also experience freezing temperatures and snowfall lasting from November to March. Deep untracked snow with old forests offers skiing aficionados thrilling, adventurous, tree runs.  Breathtaking scenic beauty is an added advantage and also a major attraction for Heliskiing in the Interior Mountain Ranges.

The Coast Mountains

The Coast Mountains are a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the ring of volcanoes and associated mountains in British Columbia. This range boasts of the highest mountain in British Columbia – Mount Waddington. Due to many Pacific storms, this area receives a large amount of snowfall which results in some of the world’s deepest snow packs. Gigantic ice fields and lush forests create perfect conditions for heli skiing. Skiers looking for maximum vertical limits to feel that ultimate adrenaline rush are attracted to the Coast Mountains of BC.

Bella Coola, Mount Waddington, Whistler and Tyaughton Lake are the most popular haunts for heli skiing in these mountains.

British Columbia – the Ultimate Heliskiing Destination

Whether it is the Kootenays, the Interior Mountains or the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, you are definitely assured of an exceptional heliskiing experience, for your British Columbia heli skiing vacation. With its magnificent mountains, spectacular scenery and the best and deepest packed snow, It is not without reason that BC conducts most of the world’s heliskiing adventures, with the promise of a wonderful heliskiing holiday in British Columbia – one that you will never forget. 

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