Quality Winter Park Colorado Vacation Rentals

It’s important to know a little bit more about Winter Park Colorado vacation rentals and the town itself, in order to find a good place to stay. This means knowing the layout and the hotspots popular among ski enthusiasts and other vacationers. Let’s assume, for now, that the vacation rental is for a ski vacation.

The town is, after all, primarily a ski resort. A good one it is too, with a nice location and magnificent ski slopes a short drive away from Denver, and shopping, dining, entertainment, etc. All year round. The downtown area is at a breathtaking altitude of 9,100 ft while the highest incorporated point stretches into the clouds at 12,060 ft.

Getting down to the vacation rentals, visitors have a truckload of choices, starting from ski-in/ski-out town homes and condos scattered all over the resort. The downtown area in Winter Park and neighboring Fraser offer an even wider range of rentals. Mountain homes offer a cozy Alpine experience similar to wealthy Swiss chalets.

Let’s assume, again, that the purpose of the trip is a ski vacation. If so, choosing the right one basically depends on the budget, number of people and length of stay. Not to mention a little comparison shopping for finding the right one with all kinds of facilities and a lot of space. So a 1-bedroom condo with pullout beds would be cheaper for a family of four, as compared to a 2-bedroom without pullouts.

Finding such a matching property in a suitable location such as Fraser Crossing shouldn’t be all that hard. There are many condos and townhomes here that are a short walk away from the lifts and the resort’s new village, and also on the free resort shuttle route. So all a small family on a ski vacation has to do is find an affordable 1-bedroom condo with suitable amenities in this or a similar location in the resort.

Amenities should include everything that people use at home, plus things a ski resort needs such as space for skis, bikes, etc. Most homes in Winter Park have a fireplace and a full-service kitchen with everything from refrigerators to microwaves and utensils. Outdoor hot tubs and heated pools are quite common too, and so is wifi internet, cable TV with a DVD player and movie collection. Pullout beds are very helpful, and as mentioned above, can help save a lot on rental costs.

Vacation rentals with all this and more are available at strategic locations in the resort, from the new Village Lofts to Founder’s Pointe and Fraser Crossing. In the downtown area, Sawmill Station and Telemark are popular locations. Visitors can combine a ski vacation along with urban activities like shopping and dining in Winter Park.

All of these Winter Park Colorado vacation rentals, and many more in and around the town and resort, will almost surely offer a uniquely exciting ski experience. Some make it a lot better by paying attention to detail, and offering guests everything from discount lift tickets to free laundry, use of free video games and parking garages. The single most important factor that makes people want to choose a specific property is of course the view – a sweeping view of the mountains in Winter Park is priceless. But for those that want to put a price on it, it is equivalent to the cost of a vacation rental.

You can get the most out of your winter holiday by choosing Winter Park Colorado vacation rentals. You can arrange for Colorado ski vacation rentals easily and quickly, using your Internet connection.

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